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025 ~ [Action/Voice]

[It's been a few hours since Dist disappeared from Luceti.]

[Ion had just spoken with him. He couldn't even remember what about... perhaps he was being scolded for sleeping in again? He recalled only his voice: that irritated, sharp tone hiding a layer of concern he didn't want anyone to know was there. But Ion knew Dist cared far more than he'd ever admit. Perhaps even more than he ever realized he could... just how long had it been now since they had become friends? Why, it was almost strange to think of him as a former enemy... they had been friends for longer than that, hadn't they?]

[But people don't remember Luceti when they go home.]

[Holding the journal in his lap, Ion can only stare blankly at the page. He feels... tired. Tired of what, he probably wouldn't be able to say for sure. But even after telling everyone else in the House, he felt he needed to do this... though whether it was for Dist's sake or simply for a sense of closure, he wasn't sure. When he finally speaks, his voice is soft and sad. It sounds as though he's barely there.]

...Dist has returned to Auldrant.

[A pause. He felt as though he was only just now accepting that it was true.]

I know he wasn't always the most agreeable person, but I hope those who knew him will remember him fondly nonetheless.

[He won't stick around to chat for long. With that done, he's just going to head out of his room, hoping to take a walk and find some fresh air... only to find himself instead walking out of a closet. Worse yet, it's not a closet in his own home, either. And the sudden change of atmosphere is enough to make him jump, stumble, and crash out onto the floor, potentially bringing down a few coats with him as well.]

[And yet somehow, he finds he doesn't really mind such a ridiculous distraction for once.]
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[Voice] also can we pretend I wrote this on the 3/4th...?

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I'm sorry to hear that, Ion.

[Dist, huh? Ginji didn't know him too well, but the guy didn't seem so bad, really. Kind of strange and awkward with people, but with animals or with fabricated things, he'd always seemed very careful and very curious. And knowledgeable, at least where machines are concerned.]
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I guess that's true... [It's a noncommittal answer, really. It's better for people not to be caught up in the experiments and the war, but...people have also made important bonds here. What'll Dist do back on Auldrant? More than likely nothing like living together with the others. They almost seemed kind of like a family.]

I mean, he'll have his fon machine projects and everything, but what about all of you guys? It was probably good for him, in a way.
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[...Yeah. It's never easy to lose someone you're fond of. Ginji knows this all too well, and, realistically, he knows that there will be more losses like this in the future. Not that knowing makes it the least bit better.]

We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.
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...Yeah. I hate to say it, but sometimes there just isn't an easy option. Of course, pushing yourself isn't a good thing to do either. [He wishes there was something he could do to help, but...]

Still, I appreciate you letting us know, Ion. I'm not sure Dist would've considered me a friend, but even so, I think he's left all of us with some good memories.